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How to make an image responsive in C# using rethumb?

The following code prints HTML with responsive images support. It's ready to use and defines three levels of resolution: 400px, 800px and original image.

Adapt and start using the following code in C# (we use Picturefill as polyfill):

using System;

class CsRethumbExample
    static void Main()
        string image_url = "";

        int small_width = 400; // Image width for small resolutions (less than 400px). 
        int large_width = 800; // Image width for medium resolutions (less than 800px).
        int image_width = 999; // Image original width (used for resolutions larger than 800px).

            "<script src=\"\"></script>\n"+
            "<img src=\""+small_width+"/"+image_url+"\"\n"+
            "     srcset=\""+small_width+"/"+image_url+" "+small_width+"w,\n"+
            "   "+large_width+"/"+image_url+" "+large_width+"w,\n"+
            "             "+image_url+" "+image_width+"w\"\n"+
            "     sizes=\"100vw\" />"


Start using this example now

Use the following commands to get started:

$ git clone
$ cd rethumb-csharp-examples
$ ... Use your IDE of choice to handle the file "responsive-images.cs"

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