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Here you can find information about and free and paid plans.

Free Basic Pro Business
Max Image FilesizeThe maximum filesize of a image before being processed by rethumb. 512 KB 2 MB 6 MB 12 MB
Max Thumbnail SizeThe maximum size of a thumbnail after being processed. 512 px 1024 px 2048 px 4096 px
Thumbnail DeletionHow long are thumbnails kept in our cache (after this time they will be generated again if the original is available). 6 months 1 year 1 year 1 year
WidthResize images by width. done done done done
HeightResize images by height. done done done done
SquareCrop images into squares. done done done done
UpscaleIf it's possible to convert a smaller image into a larger one. block done done done
CoverResize and crop to fit any dimensions. block done done done
FormatConvert between different file formats. block done done done
ExifRead EXIF data from photos. block done done done
SourcesHow many locations you can register as source for your images. Doesn't apply to free. n/a 1 2 4
CNAME RecordsHow many CNAME records you can register. n/a 1 2 4
PriceCost by year. Free $2495 / year $4995 / year
10% off on 2+ years
$9995 / year
10% off on 2+ years

How paid plans work?

After subscribing to a paid plan you can register one or more sources, something like:

Then, you can start making requests to rethumb using images hosted on

Paid plan features are only available for the images hosted on the sources that you register.

Check our FAQ or support page for more information about plan ending, thumbnail expiration and bandwidth usage.



If you register as source you'll be able to use any image hosted on that domain to make the following request:


Payment Methods

The following credit cards are available for processing payments with us. PayPal is also available.

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